jasmine guffond [elektr]
torben tilly [elektr]

together they create hypnotic sonic habitats, which, characterised by a sense of endlessness transform incrementally over time in subtle and hallucinatory ways. exploring abstract sound as much as traditional musical forms with they strive to produce with minit a music that exists uniquely in-between. from digitally deconstructed 'songs' to expanded electroacoustic works, minit explore and extend the sonic and musical thresholds of acoustic instrumentation. through sampling, digital processing and mixing technologies minit produce a sound of surprising emotive power and musicality.

from fragile harmonic and melodic intonations to towering, ecstatic drones, erratic fragmented rhythms and electrical disturbances, minit explore the psychedelic moment within trance-like listening states when all the sonic parts begin to slip in and out of cohesion. it is these moments that gently fractures 'listening' and signals what is rich and unusual and experimental about minit's whole musical project.
(Text: minit)

tilly and guffond gründeten minit 1997 in sydney.
ihre debut cd 'music' auf dem label 'sigma edition' 1999 brachte minit auf europa-tour gemeinsam mit vladislav delay, parmentier and d. haines.
2000 brachten sie die lp 'cc/bb' auf 'sigma edition' heraus und betourten erneut europa mit anderen sigma musikern.
eine 7inch-single auf dem kölner label 'tonschacht' und diverse beiträge für sampler (u.a.: 'motion: movements in australien sound', label: preservation) runden die umtriebigkeiten des duos ab.