anna zaradny/robert piotrowicz
anna zaradny [alt sax]
robert piotrowicz [git, analog modular synth]

ANNA ZARADNY is A saxophone player, an improviser. One of the main members of the trio “Stuckonceiling”, together with Robert Piotrowicz, Tony Buck (The Necks, Kletka Red), and Joe Williamson. She experiments on the so-called “extended technics” developing multiphones, etc. She has gone through different stages of fascination with various styles and now she tends to play improvised and experimental music. Apart from pure improvisation she is also looking for a sense of direction improvised music might have. She is on the brink of losing control while trying to find her own style. The instrument is for Zaradny an open, closed possibility.
At the same time Anna Zaradny is completing her classical education as a saxophone student at the Music Academy of Szczecin.
She has appeared on stage with many musicians (e.g. with John Butcher, Scott Rosenberg, Christer Irgens Moller, Kumi Wakao, Kyle Bruckmann, and Jerome Noetinger). She took part in the following festivals: Audio Art Festival 2000 in Kraków, Muzyka z Mózgu (“Music from Brain”) 2000, "In Between” Chicago 2001, Jazz in E. Germany, Copenhagen Jazz Festiwal 2001. She has been staging concerts in many countries, such as Italy, Germany, Norway, Denmark, and the U.S.A,and in many well known places (Empty Bottle, Knitting Factory, Stubnitz, Mózg, Teatr Kana).

Robert Piotrowicz is leader of STUCKONCEILING. Since longer time he is involved in improvised music. He takes playing as creative process, he is concentrated on art shapes, less cares about instrumentalism in traditional meaning. He composes and arranges, leads improvisations in their own projects. He also appears in bands created ad hoc. Piotrowicz is inspired by european improvised music and contemporary music. For him the instrument is basicaly acoustic source of sound, he choose and adaptating "possible" to articulate sounds. Beside preparations he also uses elecronics processing of sound controled in real time, radio waves, analog synths.
He usually works with Anna Zaradny, Tony Buck, Joe Williamson, Jacek Majewski, he claborated also with John Butcher, Scott Rosenberg, Jacek Staniszewski, Martin Klapper - in film/music project. In as hoc group he met on stage with: Kyle Bruckmann, , Xavier Charles, Rhodri Davies, Kevin Drumm, Ingar Zach. He played in some countries (Italy, Germany, Norway, Denmark and US), participated in festivals: Muzyka z Mózgu Festival, Audio Art Festival 2000 in Cracow, "In Beetwen. Chicago 2001, Jazz in E., Copenhagen Jazz Festival, he played in some recognized places (Empty Bottle, Knitting Factory, Mózg, Kana Theatre). He also work as promoter of improvised music in Poland and he leads label Musica Genera, organizes Musica Genera Fesitival.